Facilitative Sharing of Views - Day 1 (continued) Agenda



Facilitative Sharing of Views - Day 1 

Bonn, Germany
20 May 2016


The first-ever workshop for the facilitative sharing of views (FSV) under the international consultation and analysis (ICA) process for developing country Parties was organized under the Subsidiary Body of Implementation at this 44th session.
Thirteen (13) non-Annex I Parties participated in this two-day workshop. These Parties completed the first step of the ICA process, where a technical analysis of their first biennial update report (BUR), was conducted by team of technical experts, resulting in a summary report for each Party analysed, which was published on the UNFCCC website. On day one of this FSV workshop, several Parties shared information on their experiences.

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Date Title
May 20, 2016 15:12 Facilitative Sharing of Views - Day 1 (continued)
May 20, 2016 15:14 Namibia
May 20, 2016 15:30 Peru
May 20, 2016 16:00 Republic of Korea
May 20, 2016 16:22 Singapore
May 20, 2016 17:04 South Africa